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Judge Richard Posner read Indiana & Wisconsin to FILTH, striking down their gay marriage bans.


I have never gotten so much life from a legal document!  The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously voted to allow same-sex marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin today, but Judge Richard Posner — an appointee of Ronald Reagan (!!) — was really feeling his oats.

My favorite part:

Heterosexuals get drunk and pregnant, producing unwanted children; their reward is to be allowed to marry.  Homosexual couples do not produce unwanted children; their reward is to be denied the right to marry. Go figure.

He better SPEAK that word and reveal those TRUTHS on this good day y’all.

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In light of today’s surprise announcement by the Supreme Court of the United States, declining to hear all pending marriage equality cases contending for certiorari review, HRC called for emergency remedial action from all federal courts with pending marriage equality cases to address the ongoing…

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Just had an annoying debate with a friend about privilege and had to write another rant…

Lately it seems like so many of us are so fed up and bitter about the way our world is. At this point, I am so thankful for the hand I was dealt in life, but so many people understandably are not. We all have…

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Boucherie by Laura Worthington

Finding fonts that work together to capture the aesthetic of an age is one of the biggest challenges designers face. Doing so without resorting to tired cliché fonts is even harder. Boucherie captures the lively essence of 19th-century French advertising typography with a collection of original designs, rather than strict historical revivals. Use Boucherie to create typographic compositions that are at once fresh and familiar.

With Boucherie, Laura Worthington provides four distinct display types – plus ornaments, catchwords, and frames – that beautifully complement each other while expanding the utility of the Charcuterie collection on which they are based. Details like low, slanted horizontals and generously proportioned bowls recur throughout both Boucherie and Charcuterie, providing subtly familial visual cues. While Charcuterie featured rustic hand-drawn faces based on Laura’s impressions of 19th-century French type and lettering, Boucherie offers the reverse: smoothed, polished, cleaned-up versions of those impressions.

Download it here:http://myfonts.us/F0nIjT

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